Su Jin Kim (pronouns: she/ella) is a systems neuroscientist who studies a range of questions in neurobiology, the study of the biological mechanisms behind the brain and behavior. She currently holds the position of Visiting Fellow in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University, where she is advised by Dr. Ben Scott. She is working on the following projects, with various degrees of success:

1) engineering a high precision voluntary head-fixation method (lead author)
2) examining the brain mechanisms underlying transitive inference and mental simulations in rodents
3) examining the neural architecture (neural growth and death, blood vasculature changes) in songbirds over the song learning period in finches and canaries
4) developing an autonomous, live-in behavioral training chamber for rodents

Previously she examined exploratory behavior in mice and piloted methods for artificial touch using optogenetics (advisor: Dr. Jason Ritt, now at Brown University).

Outside of research, she is passionate about teaching engineering principles and enjoys fabricating new pieces (3D printing and machining). She is currently piloting an open courseware class targeted to neuroscientists who want to learn CAD (Solidworks and Fusion 360). These materials are all available on this site.

As an undergraduate she studied hatching plasticity in red-eyed tree frogs at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and Boston University (advisor: Dr. Karen Warkentin), and cocaine reinstatement in rats at McLean Hospital (advisor: Dr. Barak Caine). Alongside her academic research, she is passionate about outreach, diversity and inclusion, and education. She received her BA from Boston University in 2017.

You can find her CV SJK_CV_2019, and her LinkedIn here.

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